Third Wave: The March of Dajjal’s Army


The title may appear alarming to many but if we observe the signs of the last day and the appearance of Dajjal as have been described in multiple ahadith of Rasulullah(SAW), it won’t be an exaggeration. Let us first take a look at a few precursors of the end-times:

  • Family ties will be cut.
  • The children will be foul and filled with rage.
  • Off-springs will become a cause of grief and anger to parents.
  • Children of fornication will become widespread or prevalent.
  • People will indulge in homosexuality.
  • A slave (lady) will give birth to her master.
  • People will commit sexual intercourse in public like donkeys.
  • Women with children will be displeased (on account of them bearing off-spring) and barren women remain happy (on account of having no responsibility of off-spring).
  • Trade will become so widespread that a woman will be forced to help her husband in business.
  • Women will be naked in spite of being dressed, these women will be led astray & will lead others astray.

The realization of the above signs today needs no explanation. What is even more shocking is a hadith that Ibn Kathir narrates:

“The most people who will come out to him (Dajjal) will be women, to the extent that a man will return to his wife, his mother, his daughter, his sister, and his aunt, and he will tie her (or them) up with a cord, fearing that she (or they) will go out to the Dajjal.”

Today’s world is a stark realization of men trying hard to keep their women away from the vague concept of liberalism that is destroying relationships and families, yet all of their efforts seem to fail. It is also a reminder to the men, of their responsibility: their “qawwamiat”. Once the men lose their qawwamiat, they let their women loose to follow the fitnah.
Indeed Dajjal hasn’t appeared but the signs are a precursor. Relationships are shattered. The women are out of their homes, seduced by the ideas of third-wave feminism. They have started dressing like men in order to be perceived as equal. The clothes have shrunk to the extent that “clothed yet naked” isn’t just a metaphor anymore. Take a look at the carnivals and music gigs. (Interestingly, the Dajjal is prophesied to use music and women to attract people!) A slave giving birth to her master is interpreted as pointing to surrogacy which is becoming rampant in ‘developed’ nations. Feminists will claim that the rampant sexual orgies in modern cities where people have public intercourse like donkeys are not advocated by feminism, but isn’t it a logical outcome of the widespread slogans of “own you sexuality”, “you only live once”, “my body my choice” or “free the nipple”. And guess what? The best secular response to this wanton destruction of every sacred value that binds the sexes together is a public distribution of condoms! #facepalm
Dajjal wants to challenge what religion and society have claimed for thousands of years: that women and men are functionally different. In doing so, he is essentially claiming that all prophets were wrong! That women and men have no functional difference. Anything a man does, a woman can (read: should) do.
A lot many of us may consider Muslims to be free from these issues and the seduction of Dajjal. So I end this discourse with an authentic hadith from Abu Dawood. The Prophet(SAW) said:

“I swear by Allah that a man will come to the Dajjal thinking he is a believer and follow him because of confused ideas roused in him by Dajjal.” [Graded Sahih by Albani]

“Confused ideas” indeed. Aren’t the Muslims today “confused” about what the “correct” interpretation of Islam is? Do we know which of the modern ideas nullify our imaan?


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