The Ultimate Ramadan Toolkit

Yes we know what you might be expecting…. the same old calender, meal plan, health tips, how to conserve energy while fasting etc. We got bored of the usual stuff too and decided it’s time we stop treating Ramadan like a “Food Festival” and make it a month of ibadah again. So here is our modest attempt at bringing for you some things that will help you make the best of the month. If you think some more need to be added, make sure you write it in the comments section.

Arabic Courses

Language of the Quran

By Dr. V. Abdur Rahman

Understand Quran in Urdu

By Danish Kayani

Arabic Course

By Sheikh Aamir Sohail

Basic Arabic Grammar

By Dr. Abdussamie

Quranic Learning

Bayan ul Quran

By Dr. Israr Ahmad

Video and audio lecture series on all 114 surahs of Quran.

बयानुल क़ुरान (हिंदी)

By Dr. Israr Ahmad

One of the best explanatory books of Quran in Hindi

Part 1:

Part 2:

Quran Academy

A repository of courses and multimedia content to assist quranic learning


Ramadan Legacy

A fully-featured app for Ramadan, it captures your experience through a personal Legacy Board, helps you plan your day and provides regular valuable content to learn along the journey.

Muslim Pro

Sleek design and loaded with features like prayer times, qibla compass, halal eateries, nearby mosques, tasbeeh, duas, greeting cards and quran with multi-lingual translations, color coded tajweed and offline recitations..


Ramadan Checklist

A great checklist designed for students which can be used by Islamic organizations and individuals alike.

The Habitator

By Productive Muslim

An effective tool to help you keep track and helping you change your

Ramadan Taskinator

By Productive Muslim

Plan out your month to make the most out of it.


Easy Quran wa Hadees

By Al Quran Facts and Statistics (AQFS)

A complete database and search engine of Quran and Hadees with Urdu and English Translations.

Al Misbah Qur’an Learning Software

By iSoft Solutions

Contains Quran translations, audio recitations, original mushaf and an audi-visual tajweed course.


Al-Qaa’idah al-Qur’aaniyyah –  An Introduction to Tajweed

By Qari Muhammad Idrees

Riyad us Salihin – Gardens of the Righteous

By Imam Nawawi

70 Matters Related to Fasting

By Sheikh Salih Al-Munajjid

Kitab us Saum (Mishkatul Masabih)

By Abul A’la Maududi

Fasting in Ramadan

By Dr. Abdul Karim Awad

30 Lessons For Those Who Fast

By Aa’id Abdullah al Qarni

Golden Advice Series:
The Way to Patience & Gratitude / Guarding the Tongue / Be Patient & Paradise Will Be Yours

By Ibn Qayyim Jawzi


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