In this age of deceptions and different “versions” of Islam, it has become imperative to find the right path and purpose of life. The Quran, Ahadith of the Prophet and life of the Sahaba are the only sources which can end these confusions. The Ummah can only be unified under the leadership of the Quran and the Prophet.

This platform, by students and for students, is a humble effort in that direction. We aim to reach the students of major centres of learning across the country. Ribat is a word that has been lost through the ages and connects precisely to our task of defending Islam. It has been explained in detail in our first blogpost. Throughout this process, we have tried to avoid differences over trivialities and focus on the larger task at hand: the unification of humanity under the banner of Allah and Muhammad and nothing else!
We have planned fortnightly editions of the offline newspaper covering important issues with respect to modern times. Since we’re running it through donations, we’ll be grateful if you contribute.

We ask Allah to make this a tool for connecting people to true guidance and help our team run it with Ikhlas and protect us from deviations. May Allah forgive our mistakes and prevent us from creating fitnah.
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